I am based in Mississauga, Canada.

To secure your slot, a non-refundable deposit of ($30) will be needed in the case of rescheduling or cancelling. This is then deducted from the total price. Remaining balance to be paid in CASH or email transfer at the appointment, please!

If you chose to reschedule your appointment , we do have a one time reschedule pass. After the second time, another deposit needs to be made to reschedule again.

If there are no more appointment available, it simply means we are fully booked. Slots are released every 25th of the month at 6pm (end of the month). If the date you’re wanting is not available, it unfortunately means it has been booked or is not available at all.


A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your appointment is booked. if you do not receive a confirmation it means your appointment is not booked or you have entered the wrong email address. please email us to confirm. All necessary information, including full address and measurement details will be in your confirmation email.


If you're purchasing hair from us, please allow the allotted time to receive the hair or drop off the hair/ wig before your appointment date. Hair can be ordered on our website yjwigs.com or via email only.

If you’re providing your own hair, please ensure the hair is with us 7 days before your appointment for it to be prepped. Delay will result in a late fee. This is the same protocol for wig/colouring/ maintenance appointments!

If you're unfamiliar with lace we recommend you try lace closures first, before trying to get a frontal wig installed.

Please, avoid being late to the appointment as it causes inconveniences.
30 mins late, results in $20 late fee.
1hr+ late, appointment needs to be rescheduled.

Appointments booked within 1-3 days before (eg. vacation, emergency event, same day service) will be charged an emergency fee of an extra $50.

Looking forward to seeing you lovely ladies!

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